The 2021 edition:
what’s new and what can you expect?

Hybrid event

Hybrid event
(both physical and virtual)

Involves all participants equally – those physically in the conference rooms or exhibition spaces and those connected remotely.

Remote attendees can virtually participate in the "live" event and have the same experience as those physically present.



This year, after all the global lockdowns, a strong emphasis has been placed on interactions between people.

The new format mean that people can physically meet while the platform will also manage Events & Matchmaking supported by Artificial Intelligence.

Exhibitors and speakers can engage participants, generate physical or online appointments, and stream events, and participants can contact other participants and/or exhibitors to schedule appointments, chat, and much more.

Enabling Technologies

Enabling Technologies

The CAE Conference and Exhibition retain the focus on the wide range of SBES and the orchestrating role it can play, but the event will also put the spotlight on:

  • the technologies enabling the democratization of simulation

  • the digitalization of engineering sectors, industry, and manufacturing lines and organizations

  • the multitude of complementary Industry 4.0 technologies, eg. AI, AR and VR, IIoT, data visualization, etc.

  • the exciting new areas opening up as a result of interconnecting all these elements

From leading edge innovations to legacy technology enablers and everything in between will be available to test drive and explore.



The sessions will be live – by connecting to the platform, speakers and delegates will be able to participate wherever they are:

  • speakers will be able to participate on-site or remotely

  • delegates will also be able to follow the live event both in situ and remotely.

There will be four technical sessions for four industrial sectors:

  • Aerospace & Defense,

  • Automotive & Transportation,

  • Energy, Oil & Gas

  • Manufacturing

There will be two lateral events and numerous exhibitors' events – all of which will be streamed live.



The hybrid format offers interesting new opportunities for sponsors. The virtual platform ensures simple and effective networking powered by B2B matchmaking.

The hybrid format offers interesting new opportunities for sponsors:

  • there are physical stands of different sizes combined with virtual stands, or

  • virtual packages for those who cannot participate physically due to Covid restrictions.

The virtual platform ensures simple and effective networking powered by B2B matchmaking, the key innovation this year.

Exhibition Opportunites
Research Agorà

Research Agorà

Once again, this year a space will be dedicated to the research project consortia, providing the ideal environment to publicize their results to an increasingly wide and influential audience.

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Poster Award

Poster Award

The now traditional competition, that recognizes the creative use and application of CAE technologies by students around the world, turns 10 years.

Seeks to connect young innovative thinkers and problem solvers with the businesses and industries that have an ever-increasing need for these skills.

The finalists