A zero-emissions event

Phoresta logo

The 37th edition of the International CAE Conference and Exhibition features an interesting initiative: a collaboration with the organization PHORESTA Onlus to offset the event’s CO2 emissions.

PHORESTA Onlus is a non-profit public benefit organization that strives to achieve the parameters of the Kyoto Protocol. Its main objective is to reduce the atmospheric concentration of CO2, one of the major causes of global warming.

Offsetting is one of the tools used: it allows CO2 emitters to calculate their emissions and then purchase carbon credits to that amount from others who have generated them through forestry projects.

This same formula has been adopted by PHORESTA for the International CAE Conference and Exhibition.

Anyone who participates in the event as a SPONSOR will be compensated for the CO2 emissions generated by their travel. To this end, PHORESTA will offer the validated carbon credits it has available as a result of the fo-RESTA Project being undertaken with the Monterano Reserve in Roma (RM), Italy.

After the event, sponsors will receive a certificate demonstrating their adherence to the project as part of the International CAE Conference and Exhibition 2021.